Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes Wishes Do Have Wings.....

If you've ever tossed a penny into a fountain and made a wish, you know that sometimes your wish comes true and other times it doesn't. Have you ever wondered why that is?  Well, you're about to find out.

Sometimes, on those very special nights when the moon is full and the stars are aligned just right, if a moonbeam shines down on the fountain and hits a penny at the stroke of midnight, something magical happens. The penny transforms into a Fairy.  Yes, you read it right, a fairy.  No, I'm not making this up.

These fairies are the tiniest of all fairy folk, usually less than 3 inches tall. Many of them like to take on the appearance of garden fairies resembling flowers or insects, but don't be fooled.  If you look closely you will see a shiny copper penny at the center of their gossamer wings. These tiny little fairies have a big job to do. Their first act of magic is to grant the wish that was made on the penny. If they can manage that, their ability to fly becomes permanent and they are free to fly about bringing magic and good luck to those who believe.

Because they love to be around people, they will often seek out the home of someone special and stay with them forever. (I sometimes wonder if this is where fairy godmothers come from).  Magic Penny fairies usually will not allow you to see them unless they intend to keep you, so just because you've never seen one,  that doesn't mean you haven't already had an encounter or two.  If you've ever happened upon a penny on the sidewalk, chances are that was no coincidence. You were most likely chosen by a Magic Penny Fairy for a day of good luck. I bet you had no idea when you picked that penny up that you were actually lifting a tiny fairy by the center of it's wings. In fact, you just might be carrying one around in your pocket right now!

By now you're probably wondering where I got such a crazy story. I would love to stay up and fill you in but it's late and I must go to bed. I have a long day ahead of me with my pincushions, my job, and the daunting task of getting The Magic Penny Fairy Relocation Project off the ground. But, I'm getting ahead of myself so I will say good night.  I'll be back when I have some time and tell you all about the day I met my first Fairy.
Unpublished work © 2011 Laurie Konevich


  1. I can't wait to hear more about the magic penny fairies! I wonder if I am lucky enough to have a magic penny fairy of my own. Maybe in my purse or in the penny jar I keep on a shelf in the kitchen. I can't wait to hear more and would love to see what these tiny magical fairies look like!!!

  2. Such a fabulous story. I can't wait to read more. As for the pennies on the ground I always wondered why I would see one and the thousand other people who have walked before me did not! You have answered that long awaited question for me. I'm a believer!!!

  3. Thanks so much. The fairies are still a bit camera shy and have not given me permission to take pictures of them or the fairy door just yet, but I'm working on it. I think I will be able to convince them soon so be sure to check back!

    Thanks for reading,

  4. I love this story. The fairies are fascinating. I hope you can convince them to have a picture taken.

  5. absolutely wonderful story. Cant wait to read more and more. Fairies are my favorite little people. Believe. I believe.

  6. Laurie - It's Deb and I so look forward to reading more and more. You take me to another place that is truly beautiful, whimsical, and entertaining.

  7. Laurie I just love it all! The story your bendy dolls and the design of your site. I work in a children's library and you had better copyright this site. Get this story in print fast.

    Barbara (Monterose) O'Brien

  8. Thanks so much Barbara. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about the fairies!